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Instructions for authors

Manuscripts will be accepted by the Editorial office of the journal Maneko
OMCHaPT ÚM STU, Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava

Concept of the contribution
Template of reviewer´s report

Instructions for authors

  1. Papers submitted for publication must be directed to economic and managerial problems.
  2. Contributions will be published in Slovak, Czech, Russian and English languages.
  3. Contributions can be published only on condition that they are original. Before their publishing every author will commit himself that his paper has not been published so far or it has not been offered for publishing to another publisher.
  4. Every contribution must be reviewed by two reviewers (i.e. professors, associate professors or prominent professionals employed in the given field outside the author´s work of place) proposed by its author to the Editorial office.
  5. On the basis of the reviewer´s report Scientific and Editorial boards will decide  whether the contribution can be accepted. The publisher reserves the right to reject the contribution.
  6. Contributions are unpaid. After making its decision about the acceptance of the paper the Editorial office retains the right to ask the author for his participation in costs associated   with   the realization   of  the printed   form of the journal in the amount of 40 €.
  8. Contributions sent by authors must be formally adjusted according to the “Concept of the contribution published in the journal”. The print of the journal will be black-and-white.
  9. Footnotes  placed below  the line are numbered  successively  in compliance with the text. Tables and illustrations (figures, schemes, graphs, diagrams) inserted in the text are indicated in the numerical order. Below each table or illustration it is necessary to indicate the source from which the author borrowed his data. The tables and illustrations must be referred to in the text.
  10. Literature citations must be quoted according to the Method of the first data and date (ISO 690) in the following sequence:

One source, one author: (Author, 2000)
One source, more authors: (Author et al., 2005)
More sources: (Author 1, 2009, Author 2, 2010).

  1. References ending the text of the contribution  are adjusted  so that individual items follow each other in the alphabetical order without numbering. For the on-line documents are requested the date of citing and the accessibility.
  2. The contribution should not exceed 10 pages including supplements and a list of references. The page format is A4 (210 x 297 mm), margins: right 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, top 3 cm, bottom 2.5 cm. Spacing: single. Pages are not numbered.
  3. The structure of the contribution is shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Structure of the contribution

Structure Font

Title of contribution in original and English languages

Times New Roman, font size 16
Central justification

Name and surname of author (s)
- without academic degrees

Times New Roman, font size 12
Central justification

Structured abstract

Text – Times New Roman, font size 10, Bold, Italic

Key words

Text – Times New Roman, font size 10, Bold, Italic

JEL Classification

Times New Roman, font size 10, left justification
See, for example:


Times New Roman, font size 14, Bold
All letters are capital
Chapters are marked with Arabic numbers

Text of contribution

Times New Roman, font size 12
First line in paragraph is indented by tabulator
by 1.25 cm


Table 1 Title of table

Graph 1 Title of graph

Fig. 1  Title of figure

Times New Roman, font size 12, Bold
Place title above table, left justification
Place title below graph, central justification
Place title below figure, central justification
Place source below table, graph and figure
Central justification
(Times New Roman, font size 10, Italic)


Times New roman, font size 14, Bold, All letters are capital 
Sequence in alphabetical order

Academic degree, name and surname
Name of workplace:
Address of workplace:
Tel.: 000000000000000

Times New Roman, font size 12
Left justification

Authors will send their contributions formally adjusted according to the “Concept of the contribution for a journal” which can be found on the Internet site of the journal


The deadline of contributions to be published in the number 1/2021 is April, 15th 2021. They will be forwarded to the Editorial office of the journal.

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